Welcome to the Spider Rescue Center! We’re dedicated to protecting spiders from meeting an untimely demise at the hands of humans. Since it is impossible for us to save ever spider on Earth, we would like to spread the word about our goal by sharing it online.

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ArachnipetsOur website dedicated to the care and keeping of black widow spiders (and their kin) as pets.

Relocation ProgramLearn how you can be a part of helping spiders in need in your community.

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  1. This is great. There was one at work today and they made me kill it because I couldn’t find a container and didn’t really know what to do in that moment. Never again, she was so pretty too ):

    • Thanks! I had a similar incident – I found one in a public bathroom, went to look for a container, and by the time I found one, the maintenance guy had taken her out. It was one of my turning points in trying to save these lovely animals through relocation. I appreciate the fact you feel the same way – there are few people out there that understand spiders of any kind, so it is always great to hear about those who do understand them. Your situation sounds like it was a horrible one 😦

      Thanks for supporting the Eight Legged Movement!

  2. Hey guys, recently was taking out the trash, and i know of the generation of Black widows that live under the rim of my trashcan, and my family was into killing the widow and her egg sacs, but i decided to relocate them and currently am rasing the widow “Sally” i am going to start feeding her crickets weekly to bi weekly, does anyone have any general advice further on care

    • Hi Brad,

      I think it’s great you opted to relocate the spiders instead of kill them! Sally is a great spider name; we had one a couple years back with the name of Sally. We’ve got a whole website dedicated to black widow pet care: http://arachnipets.wordpress.com – hope that helps!

      Spider Rescue Center

  3. My wife found a widow in the utility room yesterday. She came and got me. I got the poison and sprayed it. She got mad because she wanted me to “catch” it not kill it. She then said there is a smaller one in the garage and that I should put it in a mason jar. So now I have a black widow living in a mason jar on the top shelf of my work room. Without google I would have thought I was the only one.

    • Hi Robert,

      Awesome story on how you found us! Glad you were able to catch the second one, but the first one is understandable 😉 If we can assist you with anything, let us know! Also, if you need pet care tips (if you want to keep it), visit arachnipets.wordpress.com

      Spider Rescue Center

  4. Hey there. Just caught a fairly big black widow in my work place. We had found her hanging around the garage door! My co workers wanted to kill it, but I decided I wanted to keep her as our station pet. I’ve put her in a mason jar and labeled her, “Persephone”, after the Greek goddess, Hades’ wife.
    How do I go about feeding her?

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