SRC – Doing the Right Thing

A lot of people, after seeing of spider, mindlessly squash it just because of an instinctual fear of these eight-legged animals. Is that morally right? Just killing an animal because you are afraid of it? No! That’s why the Spider Rescue Center (SRC) has been rescuing spiders from this deadly fate. So far, we’ve rescued over one hundred spiders, each living long and succesful lives in the wild. Currently, we’re working on caring for four dangerous captive spiders (two western black widows and two false black widows) that cannot be relocated due to safety reasons regarding nearby humans. We encourage you to spread the word about saving spiders, as you can even be apart of the eight-legged movement. If you’d like to help support the Spider Rescue Center, we’re currently offering a t-shirt to help raise awareness and funds for the care of new spiders arriving at the rescue center. You can check that out here. If the ASPCA rescues cats and dogs from abuse, why is it so different when people think of rescuing spiders? It is important to think about these things.

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