Keeping Spiders as Pets Caresheet

Here are a few tips on how to keep spiders as pets.

Quick Warnings Before You Begin:

  • If you are doing this with kids, don’t catch something like a black widow or brown recluse – it’s dangerous and not a wise idea.
  • Wear gloves and be careful.
  • If you’re looking to catch a more dangerous spider, make sure it’s legal in your state to keep them.
  • If your spider looks unhappy or isn’t looking like it’s doing well, release it where you caught it (unless it was in your house – relocate it to your backyard or front yard….DON’T KILL IT!)

Housing Spiders:

  1. Find a container like a sun tea jar or a critter cage (the square kind with the colored lids and hatch). Make sure that it is secure. Put sand along the bottom (this is preferable over dirt, as it keeps cleaner and less moisture is trapped).
  2. Take caution when transferring the spider into a cage so you don’t get bitten.
  3. Feed a cricket or fly to them at least every two weeks. Spray a light mist of water in.
  4. Learn about your spider.

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