Black Widow Caroline Appleby Sick!

Our lovely black widow, Caroline Appleby, seems to be sick (she wants food but is not able to catch it). We hope she is alright and that she’ll get better. She seems to be getting better, as she is now hunting again. Wish her well, and we hope she makes a recovery.

Write Caroline a Custom Get Well Message;


One thought on “Black Widow Caroline Appleby Sick!

  1. here2havefun

    Dear Caroline Appleby,

    I have been an admirer of yours from a far. It sounds like you are receiving the best care imaginable, although I am no expert on black widow care. Hopefully, you are resting well in a dark and damp location. Eat plenty of flies!

    Remember to brush your fangs. I’ll make arrangements so that your nurse will put on Tarantula 1955 classic horror film in an effort to lift your spirits.

    Get well soon…and just remember no biting the help!

    Your secret admirer

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