Spider Bios

Spider Bios

Meet the spiders that reside and have resided at the Spider Rescue Center over the years.

Black Widows

Sally Joe-Hunkas (L. Hesperus)

Sally Joe-Hunkas was a Western Black Widow (Latrodectus Hesperus) collected on September 14th, 2011 from a garden. She was a hatchling when we obtained her. Read full bio >>

Lucy Ricardo (L. hesperus)

Lucy Ricardo was obtained on August 6th, 2012, and was named after Lucille Ball’s character from I Love Lucy (it was the actress’ birthday). Read full bio >>

Ethel Mertz (L. hesperus)

Ethel Mertz was collected shortly after Lucy, hence the name. She was found in a garden. Read full bio >>

Caroline Appleby (L. hesperus)

Caroline Appleby was the last spider named after an I Love Lucy character. She was rescued from a local high school. Read full bio >>

Shelob (L. hesperus)

Shelob was one of our more recognizeable residents, having appeared in videos. She was rescued from a local high school’s drinking fountain. Read full bio >>

Medusa (L. hesperus)

Medusa was our longest lived black widow. She was rescued from behind a barbeque. Read full bio >>

Aragog (L. hesperus)

Aragog was rescued the same day as Medusa and from the same barbeque. Read full bio >>

Miss (L. hesperus)

Miss was found at the same time as Charlotte, and they were believed to be sisters due to their proximity to each other upon rescue from softball bleachers. She is a current resident at the SRC. Read full bio >>

Charlotte (L. hesperus)

Charlotte was rescued out from underneath some softball bleachers with her sister, Miss. She was adopted through our local adoption program. Read full bio >>

Maleficent (L. hesperus)

Maleficent was rescued from beneath a mailbox. She had lost her two forelegs shortly before her rescue, and suffered complications and passed away shortly thereafter. Read full bio >>

Deb (L. hesperus)

Deb (named for a character from Dexter) was rescued from underneath some softball bleachers. Read full bio >>

Black Kat (L. hesperus)

Black Kat was rescued from under the softball bleachers. Read full bio >>

False Black Widow Spiders

Inga Spankenwhomper (S. grossa)

Inga Spankenwhomper was our first false black widow spider (Steatoda grossa). She lived a long and healthy life after being rescued from a garage. Read full bio >>

Maurice Grobblespit (S. grossa)

Maurice Grobblespit was a hatchling false widow. He was also rescued from a garage. Read full bio >>

Roberta Deeterding (S. grossa)

Roberta is one of our current false widows, and she is doing extremely well. She was removed from a charter school and is leading a healthy, happy life. Read full bio >>

Olga Hemlock (S. grossa)

Olga Hemlock is our other false widow, having been rescued in January, 2015 from a garage. She has proven to be fertile, and has laid two egg sacs. Read full bio >>

Other Spiders

Fat Fat Big

One of our first rescue-ees, Fat Fat Big was a grass spider in our care. Read full bio >>

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast was a beautiful jumping spider and a mother. She was rescued from Mount Diablo. Read full bio >>


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