Our New eBook is Now Available: How to Keep Black Widows as Pets

Final Cover

Starting tomorrow (May 5th), you will be able to receive our new eBook, How to Keep Black Widows as Pets: The Safest Methods of Caring for Your Dangerous Pet, by the Spider Rescue Center and Arachnipets FOR FREE. This promotion lasts only five days, so act fact!


  • Black widow spider information
  • Guides on feeding, catching, setting up a terrarium, and much more
  • Keen insight on keeping them as pets
  • Dangers in keeping them
  • And so much more!

Get the book here!

Join the Eight Legged Movement (ELM)

What is the Eight Legged Movement?
It’s the act against selling spiders for preservation purposes on the internet on websites such as eBay. The selling of spiders is not listed in eBay’s rules as being “ok to sell” in the animals category. Sellers keep their “product” alive until someone has purchased it – then the spider is killed and shipped off for preservation purposes. Our goal is to end this unfairness to these tiny creatures.

What can I do to help?
If you see an item for sale online, contact the seller or web administrator and complain to them. Due to the fact that spiders are not protected by animal abuse/game wardens, there is no way to report to the authorities for the time being. ELM (Eight Legged Movement) is currently trying to bring awareness to the killing of spiders for profit. You can also help by spreading the goals of ELM across the web…a spider always links things together on the web.

How to Take Action
Visit eBay.com to search for spiders that are available for purchase, and report the item by visiting the page.

Here are the categories you’ll need:

Report Category – Prohibited and restricted items
Reason for Report – Animals, plants, and wildlife
Detailed Reason – Animals, animal parts, pelts, or skins
The Spider Rescue Center thanks you (and the spiders you are saving give you an extra big thanks).
Free Web Badge
Here’s a free web badge you can save and add to your website to help spread the message across the Internet.
ELM Badge
Click the image to enlarge it.

How to Donate to ELM
At the moment, we have two t-shirts in both mens and womens styles for sale. All profits are put towards rescuing spiders.

 Support the Eight Legged Movement (Mens) ~ 351  Support the Eight Legged Movement (Womens) ~ 625


SRC Against Ebay Spider Collectors

Recently, the Spider Rescue Center discovered that sellers on eBay are collecting wild spiders and keeping them alive until shipping, where they kill them and send them off for preservation purposes. We are currently working to stop this action at all costs.

What can I do to help?

Visit eBay.com and search for spiders available for purchase. Report the item as follows:

Report Category – Prohibited and restricted items
Reason for Report – Animals, plants, and wildlife
Detailed Reason – Animals, animal parts, pelts, or skins
The Spider Rescue Center thanks you (and the spiders you are saving give you an extra big thanks).

Three New Arrivals at the Spider Rescue Center

Yesterday, three new arrivals came to the SRC – the most ever in one day. The spiders rescued were two western black widows (Latrodectus hesperus), one male and one female, and a brown widow (Latrodectus geometricus). So far, only the male black widow has been named – Aragog, from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Today, our female widow molted, giving signs of a healthy spider. This rescue marks two new things for us – our first brown widow and our first male black widow.

Spider Fun Fact – Brown widows are twice as venomous as black widows, but their bite puts off less venom, making black widows more dangerous.

1 Year of the Spider Rescue Center

The Spider Rescue Center has officially been around for one year on WordPress. Here are some events in that year.

August 2nd: Inga Spankenwhomper (S. Grossa) is found dead at age 10 mo.

August 6th: spiderrescuecenter.wordpress.com is registered as a wordpress site.

August 6th: Lucy Ricardo (L. Hesperus) is rescued and brought into the rescue center.

August 10th: Lucy Ricardo (L. Hesperus) lays an egg sac, though it never hatches.

August 27th: Ethel Mertz (L. Hesperus) is rescued and brought into the rescue center.

September 8th: Ethel Mertz (L. Hesperus) is found dead at 5:30 PM due to what is believed to be old age.

October 7th: Caroline Appleby (L. Hesperus) gets sick.

October 8th: Caroline Appleby (L. Hesperus) is found dead at noon due to an unknown sickness.

October 15th: Lucy Ricardo (L. Hesperus) lays a second egg sac, which does not hatch.

November 8th: It is discovered that Mildred Grobblespit (S. Grossa) is a male, and is renamed Maurice.

November 16th: Lucy Ricardo (L. Hesperus) lays a third egg sac, which does not hatch.

December 3rd: Lucy Ricardo (L. Hesperus) lays a fourth egg sac, which does not hatch.

June 4th: Lucy Ricardo (L. Hesperus) is found dead due to old age.

July 3rd: Shelob (L. Hesperus) is rescued and brought to the rescue center.

Unknown Dates:

  • Maurice Grobblespit (S. Grossa) passes away.
  • Daughter of Inga Spankenwhomper is found and named Frau Blucher (from Young Frankenstein)
  • Frau Blucher goes missing after releasing her hatched egg sac outside.
  • Baby black widow is captured.
  • Baby black widow is eaten by her cricket.
  • Shelob has an egg sac. It hatches.

Remembering Lucy

On Tuesday, June 4th, 2013, Lucy Ricardo, a long time resident of the Spider Rescue Center, passed away after acting strangely the two days before. She will always be remembered as the first adult widow to enter the SRC as well as the longest-lived.

SRC Newsletter – Issue #1

Lucy’s Got More Egg Sacs

Lucy has officially laid 10 egg sacs…though they do not appear to be fertile since none of them hatched. She is still in excellent health and doing well.

Inga’s Daughter

Recently, we found one of Inga Spankenwhomper’s offspring. How do we know this? She was found in the same (small) area that Inga’s egg sacs were released (as they had hatched). It is certain that the two are related.

Maurice/Mildred Passes Away

A few months ago, Maurice (formerly Mildred) passed away due to unknown causes.